Monday, November 2, 2015

Let Us Help Find What Speaks To You This Holiday In 2015!

Throughout The Month Of December Of 2015 We Will Be Here During Extended Hours To Serve Your Every Need!!!

December 1 ~ 16
Monday ~ Saturday 10am ~ 6pm, Friday 'til 7pm
Sunday 11am ~ 5pm

December 17 ~ 23

~ Saturday 10am ~ 7pm
Sunday 10am ~ 5pm

Christmas Eve 10am ~ 4pm

Eat, Drink, & Be Merry!!!

Please Join Us For Our 2015 Holiday Season!
Corrick’s & My Daughter the Framer
invite you to join us in celebrating with

Art, Music and Festivities

First Friday Downtown Art Walk

Featuring Sonoma County Art Trails Artists

Friday, Dec. 4th, from 5 to 7 pm

 "Inspired By Nature"

Highlighting Pepperwood Preserve

Corrick’s Holiday Open House
Saturday, Dec. 5th, from 12 to 5 pm
Live Music, Refreshments, and Good Cheer!
BlueOrange game demonstration | 12-2 |

Santa Rosa Childrens Chorus
Thursday, Dec. 10th, from 4 to 5 pm
Percentage of all the evening’s sales go toward the Chorus

Pen Show
Saturday, Dec. 12th, from 12 to 3 pm
featuring Italian-made Visconti and Ferrari pens

Santa Rosa Sax Quartet
Saturday, Dec. 19th, time TBA

Extended Hours:
Dec 1-16: Monday thru Saturday: 10-6
Fridays 'til 7pm | Sundays: 11-5
Dec 17-23: Monday - Friday: 10-7
Sunday: 10-5 | Christmas Eve: 10-4

637 Fourth Street ~ Downtown Santa Rosa 546-2424 542-3599

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Surprise Her With Sparkling...Sensual...Stunning...Swarovski!!!

Swarovski Baubles, Bangles, & Beads
From $28.

Swarovski Christmas Ornament, Annual Edition 2015
Discover this year’s wonderful Annual Edition Christmas Ornament.  Sparkling in sophisticated clear crystal, this gleaming star features a metal tag showing the year of issue and hangs on a white satin ribbon.  Only available in 2015.  Just like a heavenly and luminous star in nature, this year’s ornament is very delicate and refined - thanks to a new technique.

Venetian Opulence

Masquerade Mask Ornaments
From $9.95

Mistletoe Kissing Balls

 Bejeweled Starburst Ornaments

 Handblown Glass Icicle Drops

  Gilded Glad Tiding Angels
From $37.50 each

 Michael Wainwright USA Tableware
From $45.

 Mercury Glass Accents
From $14.95

Ave Immaculata ~ Sacred Relics & Heavenly Vintage



Upcycled Jewelry, Home Decor, & Gifts By Designer Richert Gordon Salondaka

Many of you regular customers know Richert as the guy who has done all the Christmas decorating at Corrick's for the past 10 years...Little did you know that he also designs beautiful jewelry!

Richert is very passionate about anything vintage, tattered, forlorn, & once cherished.  In antique objects he is blind to inherent flaws or damage...rather, he celebrates a piece's "innate beauty", "character", & "history"! All of the handmade creations shown at Corrick's are one-of-a-kind ~ NO TWO PIECES ARE ALIKE and are very UNIQUE in nature.  Richert is a firm believer in the adage "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder"!

He specializes in pieces of the utmost rarity & premium quality.  He will also create a custom piece to your specifications, if you desire.  Our hope is that you will find something in our curated collection that calls out to you, strikes an emotional chord, or makes your soul smile! We bow to the Divine in you!
You can also find more of Richert's beautiful Treasures online here:

Ave Immaculata ~ Sacred Relics & Heavenly Vintage

Steinbach German Nutcrackers


Steinbach Nutcrackers At Corrick's

According to German folklore, nutcrackers were given as keepsakes to bring good luck to your family and protect your home. The legend says that a nutcracker represents power and strength and serves like a trusty watch dog guarding your family from evil spirits and danger. A fierce protector, the nutcracker bares its teeth to the evil spirits and serves as the traditional messenger of good luck and goodwill.

“Don’t be afraid, my beard is long, my head is large, my look is grim but that matters not. I won’t bite you. In spite of my big mouth and grim appearance, I look with my heart for your happiness.”

Nutcrackers embody the ‘Cycle of Life’, As the seed of a nut falls to the ground, it grows into a strong tree, living over hundreds of years nourishing the woodcutters and woodcrafters. The legends tell of a feast celebrated just before harvesting the logs of the Elder trees, where nuts and fruits were eaten as if to pass on the magic and mystery of this eternal cycle … and so on to the collectors of these exquisite wooden nutcrackers.

Nutcrackers reflect ancestral dining customs where amusing or unusual nutcrackers were part of the social setting adding a whimsical conversation piece as guests lingered over the desert course which included sweetmeats such as pecans and hazelnuts.

Writers, composers and artists sang and danced the praises of the legend of the Nutcracker beginning with the novel “The Nutcracker and the King of Mice,” written sometime between 1776 and 1822, by E.T. Amadeus Hoffman. This novel became the basis for Tchaikovsky’s magnificent “Nutcracker Suite”, which debuted as a ballet in St. Petersburg in 1892 and lives on as a holiday tradition throughout the world.

“If you sit down under one of these trees you might hear the rush and rustle of the tops, telling you about the German legends and the history witnessed by these trees,” says Herr Steinbach.

The Steinbach Family Of Artisans

For most of two centuries the Steinbach family has been producing fine wood products. Today, Herr Christian Steinbach heads the family operation carrying on the tradition with his daughter Karla. Karla Steinbach, who is Vice President is being groomed to become the sixth generation to head the company, after her father retires. Together they oversee product development and quality control at the factory now located in Hohenhameln in the northern region of Germany.

Originally from Austria, the family dates back to Erwin V. Steinbach, a famous architect and master builder of the “Muenster” or Dome of Strasbourg in 1284. Through a series of wars, the Steinbach family was forced to relocate several times. Being Lutheran Protestants around the time of the Reformation they suffered religious persecution. The family included architects, builders, merchants, judges, politicians, and military men. The mettle of the family is evidenced in this quote: “If one does not work hard to earn the heritage, one will perish in the end or at best hold the stirrups for those who are on their way up.” That fortitude was rewarded over the centuries.

The family settled around the Erzgebirge, a mountainous mining area which at one time was. part of East Germany. This region was rich in gold, silver, tin, cobalt, and uranium, as well as timber which was needed to support the ceilings of the mines. As the metal supply dwindled, many families were forced to turn to the trade of wood-working. Wood carvings, used as souvenirs, gifts and for religious purposes, were popular since the 11th century. The lathe became readily accepted by the people in this forest area and furthered the development of the art. Thus a new trade of wood-turning was established in the 15th and 16th century under the rule of Elector August the Strong of Saxony. It became so popular that a decree was published permitting wood-carving to only be performed by native craftsmen and their families.

Imported German Steinbach Nutcrackers
From $179.50

Michael Wainwright USA ~ 24 Karat Gold Embellished Glass & Glimmer & Glamour

Michael Wainwright first became immersed in clay sculpture at the age of seven. What started as a childhood joy has evolved into a lifelong passion for creating functional works of art. Wainwright’s mastery at combining porcelain, bone china and glass with precious metal is a reflection of his experience as both a sculptor and a jeweler. After studying clay sculpture as an undergraduate, he went on to work as a production jeweler, mastering the use of the precious metals that are now part of his signature style, including 24-karat gold and platinum. He then went on to receive his Master’s in clay sculpture.

Many of Wainwright’s designs evolved out of studies in Italy and travels along the Mediterranean. He developed an affinity for the use of landscape and architecture, and has collections inspired by the Piazza San Marco in Venice, the Palio in Siena, and the Amalfi Coast, among others. His most recent studio editions have been inspired by the domes of the world.

Wainwright created his first collection of tableware in 1991, the same year he founded his company. He initially sold his wares at street fairs and craft markets, but it wasn’t long before he was discovered by high-end retailers. By 1995 Wainwright’s collections were being sold in national and independent luxury goods stores across the country. Today, Michael Wainwright Inc. has evolved from a one-man operation to a well-established presence in the luxury goods marketplace. His designs can be found in such high-end stores as Corrick's, Neiman Marcus, Bloomingdales and Saks Fifth Avenue, as well as in fine home stores and boutiques.

Wainwright is the sole designer of every piece in his collections. His porcelain and bone china dinnerware and accessories are all made and hand-painted in the USA, with 24k gold and platinum. His new glassware and metal serving pieces are imported from overseas, though all were designed in porcelain in his Great Barrington, MA studio.

Michael Wainwright USA
From $45.

O "Tannin"baum

Our Wine Country Inspired "Tannin"baum

Glass Wine Bottle Ornaments
From $5.95

Wine Wisdom Ornaments
From $12.95

 Grape Cluster Ornaments
From $3.95

 Wine Cork Garland