Saturday, November 15, 2014

Ave Immaculata ~ Sacred Relics & Heavenly Vintage



Upcycled Jewelry, Home Decor, & Gifts By Designer Richert Gordon Salondaka

Many of you regular customers know Richert as the guy who has done all the Christmas decorating at Corrick's for the past 10 years...Little did you know that he also designs beautiful jewelry!

Richert is very passionate about anything vintage, tattered, forlorn, & once cherished.  In antique objects he is blind to inherent flaws or damage...rather, he celebrates a piece's "innate beauty", "character", & "history"! All of the handmade creations shown at Corrick's are one-of-a-kind ~ NO TWO PIECES ARE ALIKE and are very UNIQUE in nature.  Richert is a firm believer in the adage "Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder"!

He specializes in pieces of the utmost rarity & premium quality.  He will also create a custom piece to your specifications, if you desire.  Our hope is that you will find something in our curated collection that calls out to you, strikes an emotional chord, or makes your soul smile! We bow to the Divine in you!
You can also find more of Richert's beautiful Treasures online here:

Ave Immaculata ~ Sacred Relics & Heavenly Vintage

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