Saturday, November 15, 2014

Frosted Winter's Glen

  "Delight In Nature's Beauty That Surrounds You!"

"The Owl Of Sleep Calls Out
To Coax You To His Tree Of Dreams"

Legend Of The Christmas Owl

I’m a little Christmas Owl. Please hang me in your tree. I won’t say much while I’m here, but my eyes have much to see. When Santa starts to check his list, you know he checks it twice. He sends an owl to be his eyes and see whooo’s naughty and nice! So, every time you see an owl with his eyes so wide and bright… be on your best behavior for that owl is Santa’s sight!”

An enchanted forest filled with friendly creatures in their natural habitat!

  Wise Owl & Forest Friend Ornaments
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Chickadee Wreath Ornaments 


Country Burlap Stockings

Rustic Woodland Santa Ornaments
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